Secret spots in the mediterranean sea

Secret spots in the mediterranean sea

In the densely occupied Mediterranean Sea, there are still secret places and little traveled by boats.

Navegamar knows many of them and takes you to enjoy your Charter to quieter places, if you're looking to escape the turmoil in August and be cool in a little paradise.

One of them is the Columbretes Islands

The Columbretes Islands are a group of four groups of volcanic islands that together have 0.19 km² located 30 miles (48.2 km) east of Cape Oropesa, integrated into the municipality of Castellón de la Plana, in the province of Castellón (Spain).

The groups of islands are: Columbrete Grande, La Ferrera, La Horadada and El Bergantín, 1 calls in Valencian, respectively, Illa Grossa, La Ferrera, La Foradada and El Carallot. In addition, there are numerous reefs and lows in the archipelago. Some islets that also have: Baluato, Cerquero, Churruca, the 3 rocks of the Bergantin, Islote Bauzá, Islote Espinosa, Islote Lobo, Islote Menéndez Núñez.

At the same time, the Columbretes Islands are a destination of the first order for diving enthusiasts from all over the world, due to the transparency of its waters, the beauty of its bottoms and the great variety and quantity of animal and plant species it houses. .

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