5 reasons why sailing in Canary islans is a unique experience for everybody.

5 reasons why sailing in Canary islans is a unique experience for everybody.
Sailing in Canary islands is a unique experience that every amateur must practice at least once in their life.

We give you five reasons why you can not lose it

1- The Canary Islands have 36 ports and marinas, so planning a route to navigate a sailboat is quite easy because the distance between each port or marina is quite reasonable and can be covered in less than a day of navigation.

For example, from Gran Canarias it is quite easy to jump to the islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. For example, leaving from Gran Canaria we can cross to Morro Jable, in Fuerteventura, and then continue sailing towards Lanzarote, having the possibility of docking in Gran Tarajal or Puerto del Rosario. Already in Lanzarote we have to skirt the island by the north or by the south until reaching the island of La Graciosa.

2- Biodiversity and Marine Fauna.

The marine fauna that lives in the Canary Islands is in intimate relation with the geographical situation with respect to the continents of Africa and Europe. It is characterized by being varied and rich in species, but with few endemisms.

Some mammals such as dolphins, dolphins or pilot whales, are forming groups in the vicinity of our shores. Other animals with similar characteristics, more rare, arrive on the Canary coast at times (pilot whales, sperm whales and killer whales). It is worth mentioning the ancient existence of sea lions that, due to their abundance, gave name to the islet of Lobos, located north of Fuerteventura.

3- Winds

The climate is subtropical oceanic, with temperatures mitigated all year round by the sea and in summer by the trade winds. The winds tend to blow more frequently from the northeast, winds that do not usually leave rainfall, but report humidity to the areas facing that place, forming the aforementioned sea of ??clouds in middle and high areas. The east winds, sirocco, are usually accompanied by haze, that is, dust in suspension from the Sahara desert, sometimes reaching a high density.

4- Good weather
The days in the Canary Islands are long and sunny, with mild temperatures and without large oscillations. The thermometers remain throughout the year around 20-25º which makes it a constant spring.

5- You love Sailing!